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Related article: Gay CentaurI was startled so see someone riding bare-chested in the paddock. Looking up
from my sweaty job tossing hay bales as sweat stung my eyes, I made out his
muscular neck and mp4 xxx
shoulders as he came riding along the fence surrounding the
paddock. Where the fence didnt quite meet the ground, I saw the hooves
clopping along. He was tanned and good-looking, I could tell as he drew up
closer. Probably another summer hire, trying out one of the horses. I was sure
my ordinarily handsome body wouldnt look very presentable to anyone just now,
so I kept to my bale-pitching -- I felt hot and sticky mp4 xxx in my cutoffs, with
bits of hay and dust clinging to my sweaty legs and torso.
"Hi," he said, pulling up where he could see me over the fence. "Hot enough
for you?" "I'll say," I said, arcam diva a90 slightly embarrassed, but grateful for an excuse
to rest my muscles.
I noticed the hooves through the under-fence gap. "Galloping out somewhere?" I
asked. "Yeah," he said." I thought I'd head up to the lake. I could use a
dip." "Sounds good," I said. "You want to ride up with me?" he asked, crossing
his long, handsomely-muscled arms on the fence and resting his chin on them.
"Sorry, I don't have a horse," I said. "I just 16yo sex video work here." "You don't need big clits 10 dvd
horse," he laughed. "Just hang onto my shoulders and we can head up together."
Something in his smile and laugh lit a spark deep in me. "Sure," I said,
wiping my hair out of my eyes and feeling a bit turned on. "Well, come on
then!" he laughed, climb over the fence 70plus porn and let's go. You won't need your
shoes. Here, take my hand." I kicked off my hot workboots and planted my feet
on the horizontal frame members of the fence, and was quickly over it. His
strong hands grabbed mine and helped me balance as my feet felt their way onto
the firm muscled, glossy-coated bare horseback. He held my hands, lowering me
down while my legs wrapped around the beautiful stallion flanks, I grasped his
wide, handsome shoulders -- and we galloped off!
But wait a minute! Where was the head of the mp4 xxx
horse? He was the horse! Or part
horse! "This isn't a horse!" I screamed, terrified. "Don't worry," he said,
slowing down and looking over his shoulder and turning broad back to look at
me. "I'm a Centaur. I'm part horse and part human. I won't hurt you," he said.
I surveyed the handsome stallion body doubtfully, but awed by his magnificent
torso as it sprouted tall and handsome at the front of the horse body. He
caught my eye with an earnest look. "I promise!"
"Wow," I said. I was pretty much speechless, and stunned. I thought Centaurs
were only in mythology books - stunning creatures with a powerfully endowed
human torso sprouting from a stallion's body. "So hang on!" he cried, placing
my hands anew on his powerful shoulders. They felt so 25 babes strong and masculine as
my hands held them, loving their power and beauty. I gripped his equine flanks
with my summer-tanned thighs and calves and dug my bare heels into his sides.
"Giddyup!" I laughed, feeling a hardon urgently growing in my cutoffs, and he
laughed too, rocketing forward on his four powerful legs as I spurred him on.
It was overwhelming to feel his powerful Centaur body bear me away -- his
human shoulders lunged as he galloped, and his hooves pounded as his powerful
horse's body burned beneath me, hot and muscular against my legs and pounding
against my now-huge hardon. His body smelled blonde 710 joke wonderful - like sweat and sage,
and his beautiful hair caught the wind as we flew through the countryside.
The magnificent tanned shoulders were soon drenched with sweat, which ran down
in rivulets along his powerful, broad back, nude 12yr running into the sleek coat where
his handsome human waist met the equine body-muscles leading to his pounding
forelegs. "If my shoulders get to slippery, you may want to wrap your 3 hot blondes touching arms
around my torso," he said. "Allright!" I cried into the wind, my own strong
arms loving the sweet, sweaty muscles of his beautifully tanned upper body. I
shamelessly buried my own broad chest in his powerful back muscles, feeling
the shoulderblades churning beneath his heavy musculature. I pressed my face
against the nape of his neck and inhaled the sweet, sweaty aroma of his hair,
and his handsome lower back played host to my own rudely enlarging hardon as
it peeked above the trouser line of my cutoffs. His shoulder blades came
together as his long, handsome arms reached back to hold my legs and sides
affectionately as he pounded along on his four galloping legs.
We approached a crest on arcam diva a90 the hill, and the lake shimmered far below. He slowed
to a canter, as my hands found his nice chest and nipples, both at once. They
immediately hardened under my fingertips. "Whoa," he laughed, his massive
horse body stumbling beneath me slightly. "I can't run when you turn me on
like this!" he laughed. "I don't care!" I said, 14 yers sex
leaning my weight against the
graceful curve of his sweaty back. I kissed his shoulders and tasted the
sweat, and licked the nape of his neck as his arms found mine and held them to
his chest. It was wonderful having my arms around him! And it was wonderful
having my legs around him! I brought my feet up behind me and rested them
against his back as my knees straddled him. "Hey!" I said. "What?" he said,
turning back to look at me. I had my chance. I planted a full kiss on those
handsome Centaur lips and forced my tongue into his beautiful mouth.
"Mmmmmm--mmm!" he said, startled, and his body muscles spasmed as the horse
body did an awkward cakewalk. I held on with my legs tightly. He tasted
wonderful, and the lips were mine, the mouth was mine, the beautiful male
torso and powerful arms were mine, and I squeezed the magnificent body against
my chest and held the horse body captive beween my clenched legs. I was
violently turned on.
And so was he. "Ohhh," he cried in a deep, exultant voice as the world seemed
to spin around us, and the horizons shifted as the four powerful legs slowly
and clumsily gave way beneath us. As he lay his beautiful stallion's body
down, I 13 yo girl pics dismounted as well as I could, with my huge hardon in full bloom, and
lay my own muscular body down beside him, holding his wonderously sweating
torso. We kissed passionately, our strong arms wrapped gently around each
other. I felt 3 nudes his arms moving down my body, and my cutoffs began coming loose
as his strong hands unfastened them and pulled them off my legs.
But the surprise was all mine when my legs and buns began burning with the hot
flaming rod of his huge erection! I involuntarily pulled back from the kiss of
his sweet lips as I beheld his huge and beautiful frontal erection -- I had
always assumed Centaurs were hung like horses from the hind legs. This was
something never shown in the statuary! nude angel 16 yo
"Oh my god, you're beautiful!" I cried as I held him anew, kissing his
wonderful, sweet lips, feeling the giant hardon invading my legs as it
sprouted between us. "Please, take me!" he cried, sobbing and helpless with
arousal as he kissed my chest and shoulders. I kissed him full on his
wonderful lips again and began kissing and licking him down his along chest
and deeply muscled stomach and below his naval to where the fine coat began
and the massive organ was rooted, powerfully swelling between the frontal
horse legs.
I was stunned by its size and beauty as it bobbed in front of me. I could feel
the heat radiating from it -- the heat of his powerful male love for me. 80s porn actors
I wrapped both hands around it and hungrily plunged my lips around the hot,
massive, cum-oozing head. Its powerful scent and taste set my aching loins
aflame, and I couldnt decide whether to break my jaws by trying to suck it blonde 710 joke or
to rip my aching buns open 25 babes being rump-fed by it. And then my hardon throbbed
with near-pain as the idea struck me: why not do both!
"Hold your horses, bud!" I cried, wincing inwardly at the unintended pun, as I
lovingly arched my hardon-encumbered body through the front legs and found the
second, humongous boner waiting for me, achingly wavering in mid-air from DOG SEX PORN0 its
tremendous ball-sac between the Lsmagazine issue 9
hind legs as the huge horse-body rested on its
"Oh, god, be careful!" he cried, his voice coming the distance from the far
side of his beautiful Centaur body. "I'll becaureful; you just watch your
hooves!" I shouted, half in jest. "I don't want to be kicked to death by your
love-spasms!" But I Np242 swap gave the giant frontal hardon a gentle squeeze as I spread
my legs, spearing myself on the gigantic back hardon. My own hardon raged anew
at the searing pain of his entry into my love-roused loins. It hurt,
I screamed, a gutteral and animal cry I barely recognized as my own, but it
was a scream of pleasure. I realized that what I heard was both of our voices.
Sure enough, the horse body did spasm - the huge horse cock reamed me with
that spasm, and I almost came.
Then, as my beautiful male centaur cried aloud in pain and joy, I slowly bent
his massive frontal hardon down, folding it down against its own massive
ballsac, and, thanking Lsmagazine issue 9 the stars above for every inch of my height and his
length, took the frontal hardon into my watering mouth. I gasped at its taste
and size, the gasp sending sharp knives of pain up my ass with him swollen
within me.
I plunged him into my mouth hungrily. "Oh 3 nudes my god!!" he cried, and I gently
began to rock back and forth on my legs, folded against his centaur's horse
body, feeling the alternate pull and push of his frontal and hind hardons in
my mouth 11 yo sex pics and ass respectively. "Ohhhhhhhhh!" he cried, the powerful and rather
bony frontal horse legs grasping my body instinctively. I 4 xxx lovers minded the hooves,
which he carefuly kept to either side of my 4 amatuer swingers sweating body, but soon I was lost
in rhythmic rocking with his gigantic cock in my mouth and his second huge
hardon locked into my grateful ass, rocking harder and harder. I could feel
his torso writhe and the powerful arms flail, picturing his neck veins
bulging, his hands clenching and unclenching, as the powerful writhing motions
were transmitted though the incredible mass of his equine body.
I was no longer conscious of the pain per se, but felt an incredible union
with this super-creature as elizabeth bbw 5 3 he filled my mouth and loins. I increased my
rocking to a frenzy, my own hardon amateur radio hal 685a
now about to unload as my hands and tongue
worked his frontal hardon and my muscular ass worked his back hardon. I
rocked, and rocked, and rocked, and rocked, and rocked!
I knew the minute he was about to come, like the rumble of an approaching
earthquake, but suddenly it was too late. He screeeaaammed with pleasure as he
exploded from both cocks, the frontal cock blasting out of my mouth like a
firehose as its pressure amateur figure 2010
broke the hold of my lips and tongue, leaving my
throat and nose and face plugged with thick Centaur-cum. As his hind cock
exploded with cum, my intestines nearly popped with the ultra-high pressure
cum pressure that filled my ass and squirted out again,flooding my ass, loins
and legs with buckets of hot Centaur semen. I came massively, my scream of
agonized joy strangled by the massive load of his cum in my mouth. Quickly
swallowing and clearing my throat and nose, I wiped my face and pounded his
frontal hardon as it continued to shoot jolt after jolt of leaping 60 sucking cock cum jets.
It was such a turnon, and I was still coming! I greedily pulled the massive
frontal hardon to me again, taking several jolts 36 ddd sheer in the face as I tried to
swallow the endless pulses of hot Centaur cum.
It felt as if someone was kicking me relentlessly in my sore, distended ass,
as his gigantic ejaculations continued to pelt my rectum. I continued rocking
gently, my ass making sloppy slurping sounds on the 1 interracial dating site huge horse hardon of my
Centaur buddy. I felt my own huge hardon burning with relief as it discharged
its final massive loads of cum.
My body was soaked with my own cum, and my legs and ass glazed with his cum,
which now pulsed gently and more sporadically into me. I was nearly
unconscious and feeling half-liquified, when I felt the huge japanes porn 3gp horse body roll
slightly as a pair of large, strong young muscular hands reached down to me,
gently hauling me up over the supine horse body and along the handsome,
good-smelling human flank as well. I was dazed, grateful, and lost in his
sweet hug against his massive, sweating chest, my cum-soaked face and hair
cradled in his arms and neck as he sweetly nuzzled me and kissed my cum-slick
neck and face. In spite of my aching, exhausted state, I felt my 12yr nude girl pics hardon rouse
anew as he kissed me again, a beautiful, gentle kiss from his wonderful male
lips. I held him as he held me, and revelled in his magnificent, lingering
I loved the beautiful young face that reverenced my lips, and the handsome,
tanned body and the powerful stallion body. Together we would sleep, and
forever we would love.
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